25 Best Free Icons Websites To Use In Your Projects

We strive to find the best and wonderful suitable release dates for all our projects to provide a gorgeous look that makes your application fascinating to its users, whereas building an intuitive experience may seem more straightforward in theory than doing this with the quantity of free icons out there available.

Beyond just that issue is the fact that many free icons for applications are also offered on the web. Add-on to the confusion, there is also an issue of finding the right one that will benefit you and make it very attractive. A number of them are available as SVGs, PNGs, and PSD files, and many are in just one file format.

We’ve composed 25 of the best completely free icon kits for you to make the perfect tools, and we’ve made the research process a fun and fast one with this article. Read the whole post to discover the ideal and free app icons for your next design.

Icons 8

From this source, you can download thousands of icons free of charge for all sorts of apps on Android or iOS or for Windows 10, as well.

On the icon8 website, for each icon available for download, you have the option to download each one individually, it is not essential to download the whole package. This allows you to readily search the icons for your category and needs and download them individually.

The downloadable format of this web app’s icon is PNG.


If you want to incorporate icons in your software application for Android and iOS and will visit Justinmind’s UI kits page, you can get a variety of free icons there.

If you use much or any of their free icons, it’s deemed that you have stress to get the best experience for your users and will be faded as their masses of icons are probably going to be currently put in Justinmind.

If you are using the UI kits page of this, you are ensuring your icons follow the universal language of platforms like Android and iOS so that these icons are identifiable.


This website gives you unrestricted access to all categories, as well as the ability to download and print an icon of your personal preferences from any category at no additional cost.

The great thing about this site is that on the website, you can find many different categories that are simply incredible and have so many offers for you. These include logos and brands and brands and avatar and business; Fantasy and role-playing; space flat-galaxy; and the user interface icons and social media.

You can select to download them at the desired quality by either clicking and choosing the right file, or individually.


This website offers an attractive table with 100 pages altogether, each of which contains shapes in various colors and outlines. Furthermore, the free version of this app lets you download any icons separately.

You will observe on this page that the icons are consumer or magical designs in addition to a number of animated styles. In short, we would suggest this website if you are seeking to add a smiling or standard icon to your video game or social app to provide users a more discernible experience.


This website has a choice of more than 60 free icon categories that you can download for free for testing purposes. The categories include a number of different classifications, including outline, glyph, colour, and mini-icons.

There’s a huge selection of apps on this site, and they are sufficiently diversified to suit a variety of needs and requirements. If you’re seeking apps designed for specific applications, you’re in luck; you’ll find apps designed to assist you in your everyday life as well as in your line of work. Phone coverage, programs for dealing with utility purposes, apps for eCommerce, communication programs, education apps, and more are all available on this website.

Find icons

It is quite similar to icon archive, but also provides for downloading a variety of pages with different, unique, and fun icons which are personalized for you.

Select the filter type as color, 3D, crystal, or hand-drawn, and you’ll be able to see if the icons in your programs are permitted or not. You can also choose whether your app icons are to be displayed in a background that’s transparent, black, gray, or white.

The title of this downloadable format of the website’s icon is PNG, ICO, ICNS.

Material Design

This website provides an endless stream of icons that you’re free to use if you are making an Android app and make sure how your application will appear to highlight itself.

You can select the flavor you want by searching for a specific icon, such as setting and this website will offer all the major influences of icons that relate to settings. Among all those options, you have the option to select which will be proper for your application. You can also find the icon separately in SVG or PNG format.

Sketch App Sources

This website offers a list of the many available free Sketch icons, and if you use one of these design icons in your application, then this is a good call and, certainly, this website is worth checking out. The site also provides icon files for guiding generic design work.

You can download these icons in various packages and collections where you can search by filtering the classifications and tags. The downloadable format for this site application is Sketch documents.


Dribble ought to be the best website accessory for designers as it boasts many free of cost icon packages for both private and industrial use.

On this website, the majority of icon sets are free and were created by other designers. They offer their self-picking layouts and the option can be downloaded from the website as single PSD files and you can file the odd one out with your expert use of Photoshop.

Round icons

These packages of free of charge vector icons are available for download for private and business use, but they must have the consent of the publisher.

On part of the website, every pack containing more than 100 icons can be bought. You will also discover several types of completely free application icons, such as company icon packages, minimal icons, smooth lines, duotones, and other icons from Game of Thrones. The downloadable format of this website app icon is PNG and SVG.


This website offers you with professionally designed and iOS style free of charge icons for downloading. With the team who developed Ionic, the developers of this website have ensured that every icon on it is open source and also available on an individual basis as SVG format.

All of these icons, commonly referred to as dingbats, are in the free category and show categories such as sports, DIY, travel, social media, eCommerce, and logos for brands.

Freebies Bug

If all your options are simple, flat, and minimalistic, then this online resource offers two robust icon packs available for downloading and also on a free of charge basis: they’re called Amenities, which were made by Dot on Paper, and 80 stroke icons, which were made by Petras Nargela. The accessible library of this application icon is available in both PSD and SVG formats.


This website has an overwhelming offer of free resources in the form of an icon package named Helium. They believe that naming this icon set as Helium because of its bright shade brings out the sophistication of the app icon, which is slightly like a contour of a hot air balloon.

If you want a multi-purpose package of application graphics that are designed well, and easy-to-read so it can provide an excellent be interested in you, be certain to go to this site. The downloadable format of this site’s application icon is SVG.


This website offers you a pack of handcrafted icons with more than 320 icons for use in your creations. All icon designs within this collection are available for personal and commercial use.

These icons are simple, two-dimensional, grayscale, as well as give you the chance to either edit them as you want or leave them as they are each perfect for your program. You should check out this website if you need icons for the categories such as arrows and directions, switch icons, text edit icons, layout icons, and brand logos.

Smashing Magazine

A website like this one is so important for all designers, especially on mobile design and web design. I personally think this is the best website, and the one I now return to use, for everything from icon packs to my projects. To the best of my recollection, it offers everything I need.

Icons sorted by category on the Downloadable app icons that are accessible via this website are all Swifticons and swift icons offer a large variety of different categories. Various options for icons that can be downloaded from this website are summer and essentials. The format for downloadable icons on this website is PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF.

Squid Ink

On this website, there is an alluring selection of totally free icons for your website, ranging from simplistic to detailed. This website also contains icons for screen designs made using two-dimensional shapes. Squid Ink has created each icon on its very own site with vector graphics.

You will also have the choice to download an icon set and place your time, energy, or funds where you’d like through an optional donation. You can copy the entire artwork or click an icon set beforehand. The downloadable format of the website application icon is SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD, and AI.

Elegant Themes

Choose among a beautiful pack of wonderfully handcrafted line app icons, which you can download for free, and this site is perfect for you depending on your needs. The current pack of this site is one hundred free icons that have the specified features, i.e. they are extremely distinguished, minimalistic line icons and are available for any purpose.

About half of the readily available icons are editable and available for download as an archive of PNG resources, from which 2 distinct images are available for download. The downloadable format of this web app icon is SVG and PNG.


This Pixeden exercise 7 icon pack includes many icons that can come in handy. It’s the best icon pack you can find.

The icons in this pack can be scaled to a high degree and their designs easily modified to match the style of your app. They were all inspired by the iOS 7 system because of their minimalistic smaller size, and their ease of modifiable diversification can make it possible for your website to suit any design you like. It is available in the downloadable SVG format.


If you need a wide range of free application icons we will be certain to have something that will work in each and every circumstance from beginning to end for the user. Icomoon is a fantastic option.

To download this setup without cost, you’ll locate thousands of distinctive labels that you could change and use as Icon Fonts. The best part of this free of charge downloadable pack is that it is highly customizable and that it’s very easy to optimize and customize. Additionally, this collection of logos can be readily downloaded in high-resolution PNG image files.


This website is best for you if you’d like to opt for simple and recognizable icons. It gives you the option of choosing from a library of hundreds of flat or three-dimensional free icons for a number of your own endeavors and this edition of these icons is updated frequently.

You have many options when it comes to what categories of app icons you have. They can be downloaded at the present time in PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD formats.


If your objective is designing a program for uses such as banking, maps, emails, or apps such as social media for cooking or like anything else, you can plan here to keep everything from their Workshop for Sketch applications free of charge.

Everyone has a query about why? The answer is that from 360 different icon tags, you can get both flat, lassy, and also a simplistic design, and both solid and outline formats of website software application icons. You can download the format of this site software icon in this format: .

Open Iconic

The provision of numerous icons similar to Aegeank.com is extremely useful if you have a complex application for professional use and you require many images.

On this website, you will find 223 cool app icons and each one can be readily modified thanks to its pre-established basis for adapting them to match the brand style or theme of your business. The downloadable format of this icon is SVG and PNG.


If you want to download an icon made up of simple and beautiful designs, iconSweet has a choice of over 1,000 free icons you’ll be able to choose from.

Each one of the typefaces of this bundle has a frivolous, cheery style, and they all contain their own distinctive perk on much smaller scales as well. This bundle is free of the intrinsic designs for icons that fall under the simple, minimalistic, sleek, and arty categories. If you’re looking for brands and icons that are eye-catching and ideal for almost all types of websites you came to the ideal resource.


On this website, you will reach a range of function-oriented icons that you can take and use as your selection when designing applications for celebrations, special occasions, and so forth. This product is a self-contained group of fifty scalable vector images, and if your intended use is to devise a function-oriented icon pack for iOS out of one or more of them, we confidently declare this to be the right sample pack you’ll ever be able to get for free.


You never know where to start in terms of rearranging options, so it’s pretty easy to customize it to your liking. It also includes a few different styles of layout, so it can easily target your audience. You can also make any changes you want on the web page, to edit colors, fonts, and more. In addition, you can download any files in a variety of formats, including SVG and PNG.

The scaling with respect to downloading is one of my favorite aspects of this graphic editor. You can select between options of 16, 32, 640, and other settings.

The Wrap-UP

The icons you choose for your application depend on factors like the kind of application, the niche of the application, whether or not it is a serious or fun app, which type of audience you intend to target from your application, etc.

We trust that this website was beneficial in picking the suitable icon for your application, given the appropriateness called for your industry.

Articles about Web APIs you’ll be able to read up on, and I understand it’s vital to every software programmer. I’ll see you in a couple of days for even more articles.

Also, check summer icons collection, and summer icons pack.

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