30 Free Social Media Icons To Improve Your Designs

You’re attempting to revamp your layout and layout to your website or project, right? Nobody wants to see outdated information and material. Your customers are expecting to see innovative layouts that deliver powerful messages. Thankfully, featuring trendy social media icon sets in your latest projects can help inspire your customers and engage with your content.

In contemporary 2016, social media icons are as ubiquitous as the Concierge of the internet. They are presently being sited on business websites, blogs, business cards, as well as digital flyers and digital email signatures.

To provide you with some inspiration for designing your model, we’ve shared a selection of the more than 40 most influential social media icons with you to assist you in presenting the most contemporary of visuals. Contact us today if you would like to use them in your project.

01. Stickers – Icons8

Well designed minimalistic icons from Icons8 created with attention to every small detail with more than 20 types of sets for every need. These are the most universal icons you can find on the internet which correspond to minimalistic trend of today’s.

02. Watercolor Galaxy – Deviant Art

Every Little Polish created this watercolor-style icon set consisting of a social media icon set that’s appreciated by creative types. Each icon of the set is bright white and against a purple background. This set contains 15 icons that can be found at Deviant Art.

03. Social Truck – Hongkiat

Andrea Austroni created this smart icon truck set for Hongkiat.com, featuring 10 bold social media icons on the side of the truck. This set can be used for linking to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

04. Green Thumb – Visual Swirl 

Would you like to promote environmental sustainability, gardening, or growth for your web project or campaign? After Visual Swirl created this collection of 12 green social media icons, it features sprouting leaves and branches. The set comes in four different file sizes.

05. Burnt Wood – Six Revisions

This bundle of wood tile icons was created by Chris Thurman and is available at Six Revisions. The burnedwood base combined with the distinctive lettering makes this the ideal set for any company with a grunge style website. Each icon is offered in a 420 x 420 px PNG file, but you can adjust its size as needed.

06. Flat Long Shadow – Graphic Burger

The set includes 40 different social media icons, set neatly in a white background by Graphic Burger’s Fun Icon List. Downloadable in four sizes, this icon set also includes both a filled-in and outline version.

07. IOS 7 style – Behance

This set of 24 social media graphics was designed by Robert Ozolins and presented on Behance, which has a circular border. Unlike many designs for IOS 7 devices, this set incorporates muted shades from a classic gray palette.

08. Publicons – Josh Sortino

Made by Joshua Sortino, this set of 12 has you covered with its rectangular as well as round graphics full of bold, contemporary colors. The unique white icons on social media give this set a modern feeling. These icons feature a clean, versatile look that’s sure to be put to use on any site.

09. Hand Drawn Vector – Good Stuff Nonsense

Desktop Good Stuff Nonsense developed this set for creative work, featuring 89 hand-drawn icons two different sizes. Each icon is downloadable in SVG and PNG format. The hand-drawn graphics have a vintage and retro feel, provide the perfect accent for any creative endeavor.

10. Vector Polygon – Lunar Pixel

Created by Lunar Pixel and publicly available at Deviant Art, this set consists of 160 geometrically shaped social media icons. This vibrantly colored set offers 80 polygonal shaped and 80 rounded square shaped graphics.

11. Pink Minimalistic – Behance

If you are looking to display minimalist and feminine social media graphics, the set made available by Behance is perfect. This very soft pink set features 9 of the most popular social media icons in three different color combinations.

12. Icon Badges – Deviant Art

The distinctive set of social media graphics shown here was designed by Peachpops and is available at Deviant Art. The purpose of each of these icons is to act as a traditional fabric badge; it uses a dark khaki background, and these are available in three sizes: 64 x 64 px, 128 x 128 px, and 256 x 256 px.

13. 3D Statuette – Web Resources Depot

Designed by Web Resources Depot, these three-dimensional social media icons are designed for bookmarking. These icons are available in numerous colors and large formats and can be scaled down into your personal specifications.

14. 3D Square – Tutorial 9

Dawghouse Design Studio created these 20 social media icons and made them available for sale at Tutorial 9. Each icon features a slightly slanted and colorfully 3D-shaped square tile. The clean lines and sleek appearance on this product would work well with any website that has a more modern design.

15. Curled Sticker – Vecteezy

Created by Vecteezy, this set of 12 social media icons is colorful, trendy, and fun. The icons feature white social media icons against a colorful background. The circular sticker icons feature small pieces of irregular stitching with a bit of zigzag leakage for a checkered and whimsical design.

16. Flat Circle – Dribbble

This set of several similarly shaped flat social media icons was designed by Lee Gargano and is available for free download at Dribbble. The ovals are semicircles that are clean and contemporary designs, colored in shades of white and gray, and can be used on any minimalist website. The icons are available in PNG format.

17. Metro – Dribbble

If you are looking for a set of minimalistic social media icons with simple colors and smooth, clean lines, you will love this neat set by Umar Saleem, where you can get it from Dribbble. Each social media logo is placed in a white circular border in a plain-colored rectangular box, suitable for simple projects.

18. Vector Dark vs White – Christo B

Christo B developed this set of 24 icons, which comprises white social media symbols against a black background. These circular icons provide a striking and dramatic impact, perfect for obtaining your customers’ attention.

19. Line Bordered – Graphics Fuel

Graphics Fuel created this product, which presents 48 social media icons. It also includes one set for social media icons that’s black against a white backdrop and another set for icons that is white against a black backdrop.

20. Subtle – Graphic Burger

Released by FreePStdbie and available at Graphic Burger, this set of 45 social media icons is designed using a minimalist, retro style takes advantage of black-and-white hues. Each 45th-icon set is composed of a rounded black square that fits inside the square background. The icons are set into vector shapes so that they can be scaled or edited.

21. Furry Cushion  – Noupe

In addition to featuring six social media graphics each month by Andrea Austoni at Noupe, this icon set also contains a host of other visuals in a variety of formats for visitors to use on their social media.

22. Ribbon – Design Bolts

Which icons are attractive to pay attention to any visitor? Check out this set of 18 social media graphics, socially approved by Zee Que and manager at the Design Bolts editing service. The graphics feature ribbons with sharp zigzags in perfect colors.

23. Retro – Creative Market

The interesting thing about this particular set of social networking icons is that they are designed by Little Star Creative. This set of narrative profiles/icons has been sold at Creative Market. A couple elements of the layout have an old-fashioned look, and visitors will instantly take notice.

24. Picasso – Iconshock

Wanting a modern social media icon set for your site? These images are a unique set, inspired by Pablo Picasso, designed by Iconshock and range in size from 512px to 16px.

25. Sleek Social – Andrew Roberts

This set of graphically sleek social media icons is designed by Andrews S. Roberts. It consists of 10 420px by 420px PNG files in colors that include orange, red, blue, green, purple and yellow. You can use these icons as a single color or mix them together to add some color to your site.

26. Freestyle Icons – Speckyboy

The freestyle set of social media graphics provides 28 icons in PNG format. Each icon features three varying sizes – 24 x 24px, 48 x 48px, and 60 x 60px. Designed by Helen Gizi, this variety of icons can be found at Speckyboy.

27. Vintage Icons – Webexpedition18

Nicola Lazarevic developed Webexpedition18’s birthday set exclusively for this editing project, which featured sixteen 128-color aperture icons. The iconic style impact is emphasized in each icon, which is formatted at 256 x 256 or 128 x 128 px and can be downloaded in PNG format.

28. Latte Art – Cute Little Factory

Coffee fanatics will love this latte art-inspired social media set designed by Cute Little Factory. It’s a small little set of four icons, but a must-have for cafes. Each graphic features a vital social media reference by giving a warm backdrop.

29. Leaf Icons – Web Hosting Secrets Revealed

This set of 30 social media banners was created by Web Hosting Secrets Revealed. Each social media icon is featured against a brightly colored flat leaf design. The icons are provided in 256 x 256 pixels and are available as PNG, PSD, ICNS and IODS files. These flat leafed social media icons look great with bright to dark backgrounds.

30. Somacro Set – Deviant Art

Created by Tina Mailhot-Roberge, the Somacro set of social media icons is made available on demand via Deviant Art. Each circular icon contains 500 x 500 pixels and can be downloaded and saved as a PNG file.

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